Attack the Dirt is a 22-minute feature documentary that brings viewers face-to-face with the reality of what it takes to succeed in off-road racing. It is a rare insight into the physical and mental demands of tackling the toughest tracks in Australia. Experience the highs, lows and mountains of preparation that go into achieving the ultimate prize.

Director: Allan Hardy

Agency: The Dreamers

Executive Producer: Jetpilot, Brad Gallard

Cinematography: Allan Hardy

‘B’ Camera: Matty Kaye

Graphic Animation: Marc Purnell

Graphic Design: Chris Dunn

Edit: Allan Hardy

Audio Engineer / Music Composer: Oliver Lyu

Av Theming: Diverse Audio Visual Events

Additional Footage: Crusty Demons, Hpsm Sports Management, Conflict Films, Imparja, Toyo Tires

Special Thanks: Alice Springs Helicopters, Matty Kaye, Brad Hurle, Tony Butler, Bron Humphrey, Adam Perry, Patrick Josse, Jon Freeman, Adam Keene

Artist: Evil Ebenezer
Song: Sunshine
Label: Evil Ebenezer Records

Artist: Dangerous!
Song: Not One Of You
Label: Epitaph Records

Artist: Dangerous!
Song: Movers N Shakers
Label: Epitaph Records

Race Team:
Co-Driver: Scott Modistach
Team Manager: Damian Cummins
Head Pit Crew: Kyle Pfitzner
Pit Crew: Brady Murch, Sam Kaye, Todd Casey, Luke Hendry
Media: Adam Bruce


  • Brad Gallard

  • B-Rad

    • Age: 45
    • Hometown: Renmark
    • Years Riding: 12
    • Sponsors: Jetpilot, Toyo Tires, Peter Kittle Motor Company, HiTec Oils,, LeGassick Signs, PWR Coolers
    • Rides: Race Trucks: Geiser Bros Trophy Truck  & PKMS Jimco Trophy Truck
    • Favourite Trick: Hitting tree & rolling over twice ;-)
    • Favourite Riding Spot: Finke
    • Career Highlights: Finke 2012 Overall win
      Goondiwindi 400 overall win 2012 & 2013
    • Hobbies: Water Skiing & Wakeboarding
    • Wheels: Everyday Drives, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 & Chevrolet Silverado 3500