Aaron Rathy Takes Silver: X GAMES – REAL WAKE

Our boy Aaron Rathy taking home the silver medal at X Games: Real Wake 2017. The Canadian born Wake boarder along side cinematographer Taylor Hanley travelled along  the country finishing up in British Colombia filming and dusting off those bone tingling, skin rubbing falls to bring to you his epic edit.

A combination of cable, winch and boat, Rathy the man who can pull off any feat on any pole didn’t  hold back in this seasons edits with tough competition from Priestley and Georgii, pulling off unbelievable tricks and showing some epic crashes these boys really put it to the test raising the bar for yet another year.

Check out Rathy’s and Hanley’s full behind the scene segment from ABC’s World of X Games: Real Wake Broadcast below.

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Real Wake Competitors

  • Felix Georgii – Gold
  • Aaron Rathy – Silver
  • Brenton Priestley – Bronze
  • Alex Graydon
  • Guenther Oka
  • Steel Lafferty

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