Kolman Wins Gold At Home in Beast Mode

Proud Jet Pilot Rider young shot Martin Kolman (CZE) became the 2014 Europe and Africa Open Overall Champion in Melice, Czech Republic, leaving Thibaut Dailland (FRA) with silver and Aliaksandr Isayeu (BLR) with bronze medals.
Bearing in mind how busy Martin’s schedule was due to recent participation in the Master Craft Pro Shootout the week before the tournament, his scores and consistency are just breath-taking.
10870 points in Shortboard granted Martin a bronze in the event. A leap of 60.7 meters meant Jump Finals, the only blemish on otherwise pure white slate being the score of “only” 2.538 off in Slalom.

Martin’s father, renowned waterskiing figure, coach, judge and official, had this to say about Martin’s performance: “You’ve got to realise that Martin had skied 5 top performances within just a handful of hours really. So this just happens. It is life. No big deal.”
Martin helped Team Czech Republic win bronze in the Team Contest on Wednesday past week accompanied by Adam Sedlmajer, Petra Povolna and Katerina Svecova.
Atmosphere on the tribune was electrifying as this Jet Pilot Rider was watched and cheered for by family, friends, supporters and sponsors.

As much as 200 spectators watched the action on water Sunday afternoon. There has been a TV shooting creating a 1-hour record that will be aired thrice nation-wide and multiple regional newspapers have published articles about the event including MF DNES, Melnicky denik and Pardubicky denik.

This is a historic moment and Martin would like to pass a special thank you to everyone who helped him climb the podium all the way to the uppermost spot, including Jet Pilot, Boro sport (water-ski.cz), Paul Crawford, Sans Rival Waterski Mrx, Ron Goodman and Cory Pickos Pro Shop, apart from family and friends.