MX: Cachia dominates Moto 2

Carlton Dry Honda Racing’s Josh Cachia has finished the third round of the MX Nationals at Wonthaggi Motocross track one point shy of a podium result despite storming to a dominating victory in the final 30-minute MX2 moto.

The 21 year old, who is carrying a niggling nerve injury, bounced back from a first lap crash in the opening MX2 race to lead the final moto from start to finish.

Taking the chequered flag over 10 seconds ahead of Luke Styke, Cachia said he was out to prove a point in today’s second race.

“In the first race I didn’t get the best start then I pushed it too hard into the corner and went down with a few others. It was a rookie mistake and unfortunately when I picked my bike up I didn’t have a clutch adjuster so it was hard going, but I got back up to ninth,” Cachia explained.

“I got a good start in the second moto and pretty much led from start to finish which really felt good. To stamp my authority on something like that lets me know that I can still do it, even when I am injured.

“I finished fourth for the day and missed the podium by a point, but I can’t complain after going down in the first race. I got some good points today and as a result I have moved up to fifth in the championship standings,” Cachia continued.

Carlton Dry Honda Racing’s MX1 pilots Ford Dale and Daniel McCoy both had their work cut out for them at today‚Äôs event.

Dale qualified second and was fourth in the Superpole but ended the day seventh overall after finishing the two MX1 motos ninth and seventh.

“It was an up and down day today,” Dale said. “I started off really well with second place in qualifying but a couple of crashes in the first moto made it a tough day.

“in the first race I didn’t get the best start but worked my way to fifth then I crashed twice and ended up finishing ninth. In the second moto I got a bad start and made my way up to seventh.

“It’s back to the drawing board this week, we have a little bit of work to do on the bike. We will do some more testing with suspension and see if we can improve it for Broadford,” Dale continued.

Teammate Daniel McCoy went down in both races but ended the day eighth with two, top-ten race finishes.

“I got an awesome start in Race 1 and was circulating in the top four but going into a turn, I hit neutral and crashed. I got back up and finished eighth,” McCoy said.

“In the second race I crashed on the start as the gate dropped. We always start with a brand new clutch and I usually do a practice start on the sighting lap but there was a machine working in front of the gates so I rolled out.

“I was waiting for the start and the bike started rolling forward, I tried to pull back so I didn’t hit the gate but it took off and I looped out on the start. To come from dead last to 10th is a pretty good recovery,” McCoy added.

The next event will see the Carlton Dry Honda Racing Team head to Victoria’s Broadford Motorcycle Complex in a fortnights time.

Monster Energy MX Nationals MX1 overall results

1. Todd Waters 73 2. Adam Monea 63
3. Matt Moss 62 4. Lawson Bopping 59 5. Cody Cooper 55
6. Kirk Gibbs 50
7. Ford Dale 48
8. Daniel McCoy 44
9. Tye Simmonds 42
10. Robbie Marshall 41

Monster Energy MX Nationals MX1 championship standings (After Rd 3 of 10)

1. Todd Waters 214
2. Matt Moss 170 3. Lawson Bopping 168 4. Cody Cooper 160
5. Billy Mackenzie 157
6. Tye Simmonds 140 7. Adam Monea 133
8. Ford Dale 133
9. Kirk Gibbs 126
10. Jake Moss 124
11. Daniel McCoy 122

Monster Energy MX Nationals MX2 overall results

1. Luke Styke 67
2. Luke Clout 62 3. Kale Makeham 58
4. Josh Cachia 57
5. Brock Winston 51
6. Matt Ryan 47
7. Rhys Carter 46
8. Kayne Lamont 44
9. Dylan Long 43
10. Geran Stapleton 41
Monster Energy MX2 championship standings (After Rd 3 of 10)

1. Luke Styke 202
2. Luke Clout 184 3. Kale Makeham 170
4. Brock Winston 160 5. Josh Cachia 145
6. Matt Ryan 137
7. Kayne Lamont 134
8. Geran Stapleton 131
9. Takeshi Katsuya 120
10. Rhys Carter 111