MX: Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing return to the podium at Murray Bridge

Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing are celebrating dual podium results at the fifth round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at South Australia’s Murray Bridge today.

After a tough weekend in Perth, Brad Anderson and Ford Dale opted for a different approach to this weekend’s event and both riders were rewarded with fastest qualifying laps, race wins and podium results.

Anderson finished second overall in the MX1 class while Dale claimed the third step of the dais in the MX2 category.

The team was further buoyed by the presence of teammate Ben Townley, who is recovering from injury. The former World Motocross champion was on hand to support the team and work with both riders.

Anderson had great pace from the onset, qualifying quickest for the three-race event. The Brit finished the opening 7-lap moto second and was fifth in the second back-to-back duel.

The Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing rider went on to win the exciting 30-minute finale after swapping for lead throughout the race with Todd Waters.

“I got a much better result today,” Anderson said. “I was really pleased with qualifying as it is not normally one of my strong points.

“Arm-pump is still giving me grief in the two shorter races. It came on towards the end of both moto’s today but I was fine in the final 30-minute race.

“I had a great battle with Todd Waters in Race 3 and it was good to end the day with a race win.

“We now have six weeks until the next event so I am going to use that time to do some local events and work on the arm-pump issue,” Anderson stated.

Ford Dale also claimed the number one qualifying position and raced to victory in the opening 7-lap race. A crash on the opening lap of the second moto left him to fight back from the back of the field and he finished the race 13th.

The Sunshine Coast rider recovered from a bad start and mid-race crash in the final moto to take the chequered flag third.

“The bike was awesome and I felt really good today,” Dale explained. “It was also great having Ben (Townley) here. He helped me a lot and gave me some great advice.

“In the first race I led from the opening lap and managed to pull out to a good lead. In the second moto I took a different line into Turn 2 and ended up coming together with a few riders. I was pretty much dead last but came through to 13th.

“I didn’t get the best start in the final race but I managed to work my way into third and onto the back of Cheyne (Boyd) quite quickly. I made a mistake mid-race and went down but I retained third and caught back up to the front-runners by the end of the race.

“With six weeks until the next event I am going to have a week off and then use the time to work on some of my problem areas,” Dale added.

After gruelling back-to-back events the Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing Team is looking forward to a mid-season break with six weeks until the next event at Hervey Bay on Sunday July 1.


Monster Energy MX1 Results: Rd 5 Murray Bridge

  • 1. Todd Waters 72
  • 2. Brad Anderson 63
  • 3. Tye Simmonds 56
  • 4. Lawson Bopping 52
  • 5. Cody Cooper 49
  • 6. Josh Coppins 48
  • 7. Daniel Reardon 40
  • 8. Daniel McCoy 39
  • 9. Dean Porter 33
  • 10. Jay Marmont 30

Monster Energy MX1 Standings (After Rd 5 of 10)

  • 1. Josh Coppins 301
  • 2. Todd Waters 280
  • 3. Brad Anderson 274
  • 4. Lawson Bopping 255
  • 5. Tye Simmonds 234
  • 6. Cody Cooper 232
  • 7. Jay Marmont 207
  • 8. Jake Moss 171
  • 9. Daniel McCoy 164
  • 10. Daniel Reardon 147

Monster Energy MX2 Results: Rd 5 Murray Bridge

  • 1. Josh Cachia 63
  • 2. Cheyne Boyd 60
  • 3. Ford Dale 53
  • 4. Justin McDonald
  • 5. Luke Styke 46
  • 6. Scott Columb 45
  • 7. Lewis Woods 39
  • 8. Kade Mosig 39
  • 9. Errol Willis 37
  • 10. Nick Murray 33

Monster Energy MX2 Standings (After Rd 5 of 10)

  • 1. Luke Styke 306
  • 2. Ford Dale 274
  • 3. Cheyne Boyd 258
  • 4. Josh Cachia 258
  • 5. Kade Mosig 233
  • 6. Kirk Gibbs 229
  • 7. Adam Monea 215
  • 8. Justin McDonald 192
  • 9. Lewis Woods 173
  • 10. Errol Willis 168