“This is Now” Full Clip Released

“This is Now.” the highly anticipated Freeride short film produced by Jetpilot in association with AJSP, WORX and Illuminated Water has dropped and is getting rave review from industry leaders as well as some of the top riders in the sport

The team from Jetpilot, filmmaker Allan Hardy and a handful of Australia’s best up and coming riders scoured the east coast of Australia in an effort to capture the camaraderie and essence that is free riding. The ensuing film has been nothing short of monumental for the freeride industry, catapulting it into the main stream media, showcasing what these guys, who are likened to FMX riders can do on their skis. But also showing the essence of the sport.

Backed with an original music score, developed by London musician Oliver Lyu, “This is Now” provides a progressive and cinematic feeling to the film, something which has never been associated with the sport of free riding. Aussie Hip Hop heavyweights Bliss n Eso also contribute to the sound track with their hit single House of Dreams.

Starring Brodie Copp, Luke Emanuel and Mitch Young
Part 2 coming Summer 2014

Click here for the full clip

Allan Hardy
The Dreamers Creative
Instagram @thedreamers_creative
Music: Oliver Lyu, Bliss n Eso
Graphic Animation: Matt Roland