Wear a Life Jacket

W.A freerider Brock Pike had a horrific crash recently after a can flip went wrong, luckily he was wearing a helmet and lifejacket, as both of these surely saved his life. Take a read below on Brock’s take on the accident and the safety equipment that saved him.

It happened at a fishing town about an hour north of Perth called Lancelin at a break called back beach,its just a sandbar that forms a really nice wave when the swell is right.

The forecast on the day wasn’t too crash hot. northwesterly with about a 2m swell but we decided to commit to the drive anyway. I went up there aiming to land a cancan flip and got one down perfectly.

A little later in the morning and out of excitement at the conditions and a pearler of a wave coming I forgot to kick the one foot that holds me too the ski hard enough into my lifter and lock it in so it wouldn’t fall out when i was upside down mid flip. I hucked it, did the can can but as i was bringing my foot back in the foot that was attached to the ski came out of the lifter. As this happened the ski fell away from me landing as it should deck side up in the water, me still holding on broke my left hand on the trim nozzle as i went over the bars and then landed real hard on my right hand side on top of the hood and pole breaking 3 ribs and snapping my collarbone.

I didn’t get knocked out even though I smashed my helmet pretty good. straight away I couldn’t breathe and could not feel any part on the right hand side of my body . Buzz (Grant Busby) who was beside me on the wave straight away rode up to me jumped off and held my head straight in fear of spinal damage while another mate Matt Haggerty also came over to assist.

They slowly swam me into shore as I lay on my back trying not to move to much. Once we got to the shore they borrowed a surfers mini mal and used it as a stretcher to carry me up onto the beach until the ambulance came. The Paramedics didn’t want to risk anything so they flew me down to Royal Perth hospital to get checked out properly. Luckily no spinal injuries. Lifejackets are a absolute necessity. you’d have to be a complete idiot not to wear one on a ski. it only takes one small stack for you too be out cold face down in the water and without one on your practically a goner.

I’ve only been riding for about 2 and half years and in that time i’ve had a few big crashes and without a helmet or a lifejacket on i probably wouldn’t be here. I’ve been knocked out attempting a barrel roll. I only half rotated before the hood of my ski came down onto my head pushing me underwater, it was only a few seconds before my A-10 ripped me to the surface and I immediately regained consciousness. Lifejackets are a absolute necessity in this sport.

I constantly see peoples comments on freeride videos about oh why the hell are these riders wearing helmets for its only water. i’ll be the first to reply about the fact that when trying new tricks you have 140kg of fibreglass and metal directly above your skull and things can go pear shaped very quickly. Also Can’t stress enough to new guys coming into the sport about only ever riding with mates and never by themselves.

“You guys have built up one incredible brand. I don’t think i’ve come across a single person that doesn’t automatically associate the name of Jetpilot with awesome looking and most of all high functioning lifejackets”.