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Capped at 115 entrants, Rin’NRide 7 is the biggest Rip’N Ride to date.

The beach side city of Cronulla, already booked to capacity, plays host to countries such as USA, Tahiti, Brazil, Italy, France, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, in addition to riders from all over Australia.

The aim of the Cronulla Rip’N’Ride is to gather riders of all skill levels and experience into the one arena. The goal is to enjoy the social aspect of the sport rather than focus on competition, and to educate newcomers by holding freestyle clinics given by some of the worlds best aerial stuntmen.

The judged segments of the Rip’N Ride are undoubtedly the crowd’s favourites. With titles such as Sickest Trick, Biggest Air, First to Sink and the ever-pleasing ‘Cherry Popper’ competition, it’s an action packed weekend.

But… what differs our event to both Australian and International events is the guarantee that EVERY participant goes home with a prize donated by one of the sponsors in a presentation after party. It’s a progressive and feel good event done like no other in the industry and it is why at Jetpilot we can’t wait for it to roll around each and every year.

  • PWC

    Brock Taylor

  • Brocko

    • Age: 25
    • Years Riding: 3.5
    • Sponsors: Jetpilot, Krash industries Jetskis, Blowsion, Worx racing, Dasa, P2P gym
    • Rides: Krash predator with blowsion pole steering, stock 701 motor with a dasa head and a worx intake grate
    • Favourite Trick: no handed 180
    • Favourite Riding Spot: South straddie on a big day
    • Career Highlights: First in pro at the third round of the Krash series down in portsea vic
    • Favourite Country Visited: America
    • Hobbies: motocross, bmx, surfing, skating, partying
    • Wheels: Toyota Hilux 
  • PWC

    Brodie Copp

  • Skippy

    • Age: 25
    • Hometown: Gold Coast
    • Years Riding: 4
    • Sponsors: Jetpilot, Cold Fusion, Dasa, The Wet Seat, Free Form Factory.
    • Rides: Fff 2
    • Favourite Riding Spot: South Straddie, Fingal
    • Career Highlights: 2012 Australian Amateur Champion, Currently 3rd in Australia and 5th in the World in Pro Freeride
    • Favourite Country Visited: Croatia
    • Hobbies: Snow Boarding, Beach, Xbox
  • PWC

    Luke Emanual

  • Luko

    • Age: 33
    • Hometown: Booker Bay
    • Years Riding: 10
    • Sponsors: Jetpilot , Ajsp, Worx, Highroller , the Wetseat
    • Rides: Ricker Evo
    • Favourite Trick: 180
    • Favourite Riding Spot: Tallows, South Straddie
    • Career Highlights: 1st Aussie nationals
    • Hobbies: Boxing, Thundercats
    • Wheels: always changes, Mainly turbos!
  • PWC

    Pierre Maixent

  • MX100

    • Age: 37
    • Hometown: Bordeaux, France
    • Years Riding: 16
    • Sponsors: MX100 Factory, Rickter, RRP, Jet Pilot, DASA
    • Rides: Rickter EDGE 950cc, Rickter XFS 1200cc
    • Favourite Trick: Underflip Reentry
    • Favourite Riding Spot: Cap ferret, France
    • Career Highlights: 7x World champion
      15x French champion
      2x Austarlian champion
    • Hobbies: Surf, MX, Snowboarding
    • Wheels: Volkswagen Transporter