by Dallas Morgan

Iam so sick of hearing about Covid, it is becoming a generic excuse for anything and everything. I’m even guilty, I used the covid excuse the other day with my land lord. He was like, “dude, where is your rent? - you’re 2 weeks late!”, Im like “ Covid bro”, he was like oh yeah cool no problem. I don’t have Covid I just had a sweet weekend and didn’t have rent. For the record I’m all caught up now and everyone is happy. Speaking of catching up we caught up with Lewy Watt whilst on smoko.

Here's how it went down...

Jetpilot : Hey Lewy!

Lewy: Hey man  

 What’s doing?

Lewy: I’m on smoko.

How good is smoko!  Are you loving being on the tools? You’re a plasterer yeah?

Lewy: Yeah mate, its good rather be on the water though!

Jetpilot: Feel that! So... 2020 has been a weird one huh!

Lewy: Yeah mate, it’s been a weird year! I haven’t been riding much because of the whole Covid thing, but I’m getting back into the swing of things now – I’ve got some Malibu just ride tour stops coming up next month so will be great to get everyone stoked again

Jetpilot: Just hearing that gets me stoked, I bet you’re chomping to get back out there behind that beast.

Lewy: Yeah! Legit cannot wait! I’ve been doing the Just Ride Tours for nearly 10 years now!! So crazy time goes fast. 

 Man 10 years! Wild that’s a long time, honestly though I can see why you keep getting asked to do them, people love you! In your opinion, what is the best part of these tours? or I guess what is the one thing you enjoy most about them?

Lewy: Travelling for sure and just spreading the love of the sport really. All I want is for more people to get involved so that everyone can get the funding and respect they deserve! I feel quite passionate about it.

 Totally! Power in numbers! The more people involved the better brings the next generation! So, you’re a young blood, and obviously the whole restricted movement has hit pause button on the social life, what you doing in your free time now?

Lewy: Oh mate, just working 6 days a week 😂 it’s been killing me. When we were in full lock down, I think the worst part about it was I was actually getting used to it. It was really bizarre.

Jetpilot: Totally I can relate, I think a lot of people will feel the same. Weirdly adapt to life at home.

Lewy: you know I’m a social butterfly, so it’s been super strange.

Jetpilot: Surely with all this work though, you’ve been saving some coins! especially with reduced weekend festivities.

Lewy: Yeah, I guess that’s one thing that has been a positive. I’m not spending as much money as I normally do hahaha!

Jetpilot: What about lock down love? Any romance in the Lew dog’s life?

Lewy: Nah mate I’m single! Haven’t had a girlfriend since I was 16. 😂

Jetpilot: Struth you must have strong hands hahah. Sorry I’ll keep it clean.

Lewy: 😭😭

Jetpilot: You sent through some clips this week, Thanks! We love seeing footy of you!
for a guy that’s been getting minimal time on the water everything looked damn tight and clean. How was that session?

Lewy: Yeah boy no worries! It was fun, plenty more to come this summer, I’m feeling super motivated, I’m just finishing up the 2.0 at my house! I couldn’t remember the last time I rode before that session. f#@k I was sore on Monday.

Jetpilot : Hahah I bet, good feeling though! So smoko is nearly over?

Lewy: Yeah, I got to get back to it.

 What did you have for smoko.

Lewy:  Just tuna and rice mate nothing crazy.

  Explains why the rig was looking fine-tun(a)ed haha.

Lewy:  😂  yeah, I’ve been going to the gym like 4 times a week, believe it or not
Nothing on dad he’s been going 6 times.

Jetpilot: Nah I’d believe it, lock down had the same effect on me! haha no way Kev getting stacked? What’s he benching?

Lewy: We do circuit training but he’ll do maybe 80 or more
He’s a nugget.

Jetpilot: He looks like a powerhouse, cool that you both are working on the fitness.
Alright Legend Thanks for your time glad you’re keeping fit and now have the chance to get back on the water!!

Lewy: Yeah boiz!!

Jetpilot: Get that 2.0 set and lets get busy! Thanks Lewy.

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