Blowsion World Finals

2018 IJSBA Blowsion World Finals

International Jet Boat Association Blowsion World Finals

The 2018 ISJBA Blowsion World Finals returned to Lake Havasu where a plethora of pilots lined up for their shot at a 2018 world title.

A huge number of riders were competing in a vast variety of categories from novice and amateur all the way through to the top dogs battling each other for the Pro World Titles.

Changing weather conditions made it challenging as riders and teams battled to get their set ups dialed in. Some amazing racing from the worlds best made the action hot and although we couldn’t be there in person we were chewing through then JP HQ bandwidth on the livestream (cheers IJSBA for the feed!).

Raphael Maurin locking in (below)

JP Team Riders represented as they always do. Racing hard and fast, pushing each other to the limits and laying down quick technical runs to claim multiple world titles amongst them.

Highlights of World Finals included:

Domination by JP represented riders in the premier Pro Ski Modified class.

1st – Quinten Bossche (pictured above with his winning team)

2nd – Raphael Maurin

3rd – Kevin Reiterer

4th – Dustin Motzuris

6th – Jeremy Poret 

Reiterer & Maurin post race respect (below) – pic cc @lauraullr

Jeremy Poret with the hole shot (below)


1st – Mohammed Burbayea

6th – James Bushell

Burbayea pictured below with his world title trophy and 2 x 2nd place finishes in Pro Runabout Superstock & Pro Open Runabout.

Burbeyea repping the Jetpilot Matrix Race Suit at World Finals. 

James Bushell (below) in the 2019 Jetpilot Matrix RX Race Suit.



1st – Chris MacClugage

1st – Dustin Farthing



1st – Emma-Nellie Ortendahl

7th – Estelle Poret

8th – Jonna Borgstrom 

Emma-Nellie in action wearing the 2019 Jetpilot Ladies RX Race Suit.


So many other classes across an epic week of racing. Results are in the book, people are on their way back home to either celebrate or think about what could of been but no doubt they will all be looking to start getting ready for next year. They all know that World Titles are not won by chance. The are won by sacrifice, work and a dedication to be better each day. World Champs are built away from the track during the unseen hours.

Congrats to all the pilots who took home world titles and those that trained and raced alongside pushed them to get there.

See you all next year.

Full 2018 IJSBA Blowsion World Title results can be found on the IJSBA website HERE. 

Words By Tex.