2018 Malibu Smoky Mountain Pro – Wakeboard World Series Stop 5

The 5th stop of the 2018 Wakeboard World Series just went down at Fort Loudon Lake on June 30-July 1. 

The 2018 Malibu Factory Smoky Mountain Pro presented by Rockstar Energy.

Vibes were high. Riding was next level.

The riding orders were set and everyone was keen to get out there and throw down some tricks.

 The girls kicked off and the usual suspects were taking the heat wins leading to the finals showdown. Mad respect goes out to JP team rider Bec Gange for battling though a broken hand to compete. Also a big shout out to other JP team rider Zahra Kell as she continues to kill it this year with a solid 5thTaylor McCullough also rode well to round out the top 6 finalists.

Eventually winner Meagan Ethell should be stoked as she took out the 1st place and will see her claim top stop back for the 2018 World Series Title from Nicole Butler (4th) who was just taken out from a podium stop by great runs from Jami Lopina (2nd ) and Dallas Friday (3rd). It’s been a super tight b attle all season long between Nicole, Meagan and Zahra as they continue to shuffle wins and podium places. With 2 x events left it could be anyone’s title and we like that!


With Mike Dowdy out of action the Pro Mens ranks will have a shift as the door is opened a little for someone to step up and take a spot amongst the top 3-5 riders. The boys continue to melt minds with their show stopping tricks and incredible runs. The 2018 World Series Title just the like the women’s will continue to chop and change as with Mike out and the top 3-5 guys will keep swapping wins and podium places and points.

Nic Rapa took out yet another event win and continues to have a huge season. Harley Clifford (2nd) rode well but didn’t quite nail the run on the day to take down Nic in the finals. JP team rider Tony Iacconi stomped his runs and took out 3rd spot in the finals. Shout out to Lewy Watt and also Cory Teunissen for their runs. Both not quite nailing their runs and failing to qualify for finals, we know they’ll be disappointed but with their competitive drives we know they’ll be back stomping huge runs in the next event to make a run for the title. Young aussie ripper Cobe France continues to progress making yet another final and continue to push the tour regulars at each stop. Much love to all the riders on another killer event.



Wakeboard World Series

2018 Smoky Mountain Pro

Mens Finals Results:

1 – Nic Rapa (94.00)

2 – Harley Clifford (89.67)

3 – Tony Iacconi (87.67) 


 Womens Finals Results: 

1 – Meagan Ethell (91.33)

2 – Jamie Lopina (86.67)

3 – Dallas Friday (83.33)


Side Note: With Mike Dowdy out for the rest of the year the Wakeboard Board World Series will see an all Aussie takeover as he will now drop out of the race and be overtaken by both Nic Rapa and Tony Iacconi to have an all Australian Top 4.


Current Wakeboard World Series Rankings can be found here:



Images courtesy of the World Wake Association



 Words by Tex.






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