2018 Riders Choice Awards

2018 Wake World Riders Choice Awards


At the end of each season Wake World puts out an opinion poll to let the readers and wake sports enthusiasts call out there favourite products and riders.

It lets the world know whats up, whats relevant and gives them a nice trophy and shout out for hitting the top of the list.

Now opinions are like something and everyone has one but these opinions and this process is actually pretty cool and good for the industry overall as it pushes both products and riders to better and better things.

Here at JP HQ we were stoked some of riders get up and make the riders lists.

Cory Teunissen @ Number 6 – Top Male Rider

Cory Teunissen Wakepic credit to @graphic4play

Stoked to see our home girl Bec Gange cracking the list of Top Female Riders at no.5 (whilst no.1 in our hearts of course).

Bec Gange Wake
pic credit to @rodrigosnaps

Tony Iacconi @ Number 3 – Most Improved Rider

Tony Iacconi Wakeboard Wake pic credit to @@nautiqueboats

You can check out the rest of the award winners below:




Words By Tex.