5 Reasons to have a DOG PFD

Being on the water is a fun summertime activity as long as everyone is safe and that includes your furry mate. Swimming can be dangerous to dogs if they are around strong currents or in deep water. That’s where a dog PFD can come in handy. Jet Pilot have listed five reason why it is important for your dog to have a life vest.


Emergency or Accident

If your dog has fallen or jumped in a dangerous waterway it could be a long swim back to shore or worse your dog may not having the energy to swim back. That is why we recommend all dogs to wear a dog life vest around dangerous waterways. Jet Pilot Dog PFD’s are especially designed to keep your dog’s head above water keeping your pet afloat.



We all know dog’s love to run free and wild. That’s why Jet Pilot have created dog PFD’s using vibrant colours so you can spot your pet from a far distance.


Swimming Ability

Just like us not all dogs are great swimmers. Even if your dog is comfortable in water and considered a strong swimmer they can end up in tricky situations especially if they become fatigued. The Jet Pilot Dog PFD is perfect for dog’s that have large chests, small hindquarters and are top heavy.


Dog Handle

The Jet Pilot dog life vest comes with a comfortable neoprene handle so if your pet does fall into a tricky situation you can easily pick them up and maneuver them easily.


Peace of Mind

Last but not least making your beloved pet wear a PFD will give you the reassurance and peace of mind so you can comfortably enjoy your summer without having to worry about your furry mate.


Check out Jet Pilot’s DOG PFD range below…


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Blog: Ron Escobar