59th Nautique Masters Waterski & Wakeboard Tournament

The weekend saw the 59th Nautique Masters Waterski & Wakeboard Tournament.

The Nautique Masters made its debut on the Wakeboard World Series (WBWS) schedule with Pro Women, Pro Men, Pro Wake Skate and Jnr Men and Women.

From heat one the runs were heavy with some amazing performances throwing down a variety of tech tricks and style.

In the junior Mens category young Aussie ledged and JP team rider Sam Brown killed it all weekend and took the win away from the seemingly unbeateable Luca Kidd (UK). The Masters win continues Sam’s stellar 2018 season.

In the Pro Womens WBWS leader and team JP rider Zahra Kell (Aus) was just edged out in the semi’s and missed out on the modified 4-person final for the event eventually being won by Meagan Ethell from team Nautique.

The Pro Mens division was battled out with the guys knowing that the field would also drop down from 10 riders to just 4 for the finals. The level of riding was insane and the guys pushed each other and themselves hard. The scoring was super close and by the end of the heats only the 4 best scores were left. Just like in the Womens Pro the Mens current WBWS leader, Cory Tuenissen from team JP, was slightly edged out by fellow JP team rider Tony Iacconi and failed to qualify for the modified final. Tony went on to stomp his finals run and finished on the podium with 3rd behind Nic Rapa and winner Harley Clifford.

With both WBWS leaders out of the title running for the Masters there is sure to be a shake up in rankings as the season continues to prove exciting and entertaining as the sport progresses further along.

Final Results:

Men’s Professional
1 Harley Clifford 97.67
2 Nic Rapa 95.33
3 Tony Iacconi 87.67
4 Mike Dowdy 77.67

Women’s Professional
1 Meagan Ethell 93.67
2 Nicola Butler 89.33
3 Erika Lang 80.67
4 Dallas Friday 36.67

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Blog: Dallas Morgan