Cory Teunissen | Out to Sea

Cory Teunissen recent colab with Redbull took him to Portugal where he filmed the “Out to Sea” project. This saw Cory take to three different waterways hitting obstacles and dodging bridges.

Video: Redbull

The set started in the scenic Castelo do Bedo Dam where Cory hit the water running in his new C4 Rapid Dry Neo vest.

Photo: Redbull

From this beautiful dam Cory then headed to the small town of Tomar where he pulled out the winch drawing a crowd who were stunned as the super star threw down hammers.

The last part of the leg featured Japanese surfer Hiroto Arai as they both battled the Atlantic’s pounding waves in a tow-in surf session.

“Portugal has great diversity to offer. Those few days were super intense in which we rode for hours and hours in a row, but it was so worth it. The biggest challenge was the wakeboarding in the ocean because that’s what got me out of my comfort zone. This was a trip of a lifetime, and I go back home with Portugal as one of my favourite destinations.”

– Cory Teunissen
Blog: Ron Escobar