FRMX: 21 Questions with Steve Mini

Steve MiniのAUS FRMXマガジン 21クエスチョンSteve MiniのAUS FRMXマガジン 21クエスチョン

JetPilotとShowtime FMXライダーSteve MiniのAUS FRMXマガジン 21クエスチョンをチェック。

1. Your most awkward moment in the last three-months

I can’t really think of anything for me but last time Sauly stayed at my house my chick caught him wackin it

2. If you had to wear a fluro pink shirt or tight leather pants, what would you wear and why?

The shirt for sure, probably less chance of getting bashed than if I was wearing tight leather pants

3. You have a $10 win on the pokies, do you double up and gamble or take the cash?

Double up

4. The selfie… you guilty of posting them at all? What are your thoughts on them?

I’ve never done one, but my chick is a big fan of the selfie so I don’t mind them too much.

5. Black plastics… can they work or for the OG Mulisha only?

They can definitely work if the bike looks a bit presentable with graphics, rather than just black plastic with no stickers but I don’t think they ever look as good as a bike with a bit of colour.

6. Do you wear a watch, if so what is it? If no, why not?

Yeah, I’ve always worn watches. At the moment it’s a TW Steel, a big chunky, brass thing I bought while in NZ this year while touring.

7. Boxers, briefs, weird boy-short things or commando and why?

Either Ethika undies or no undies.

8. Any bad tattoos we should know about? How’d it come about?

Oh yeah, I’ve already had a bad one lasered off my leg, which is the worst pain you could imagine. I also have flames on my back with my name on it. One of the worst tattoos ever, but back in the day flames were cool and so was putting your name on your back, so I went one step further and added them together… not so cool now.

9. What’s your regular hair cut? What do you ask for when you sit in the chair?

I’ve been going to the same place for about 15 years, so I just sit down and they do the rest

10. Have their been any girls that have slept with your purely because you’re a professional FMX rider? If so, provide some details.


11. If you had to, could you clean your air filter, change your oil and do a couple of tyres on your bike? How long would it take?

The oil and filter I could have done in about 20 minutes, but when it comes to tyres, I’d be there for hours.

12. Coupla bourbons or coupla beers?


13. Tight jeans… can you rock em?

Yeah, I don’t mind tight jeans at all. I use to hate them, but as you get older you grow out of the whole baggy pants look.

14. Most embarrassing photo that’s ever been captured of you… give us the scoop.

Every time I fall asleep in the car or on the tour bus I always have my mouth wide open with a big double chin. Usually, by the time I wake up, my chick or Bilko have posted it on instagram. It’s not really embarrassing but It’s pretty funny.

15. If you could travel on tour and room with the same person at every stop.. who would you most like to room with and who would you least like to room with and why?

I always room with Bilko which can be good and bad. Good coz he’s one of my best mates and we hang out and carry on. Bad because of the nights when I stay in and he decides to carry on twice as much as normal.