The Lewy Watt X1 Rapid Dry Signature Series Vest

We hadn’t seen Lewy since he left off across the ditch to chase the Summer in the US earlier this year. He recently landed back home in Aus so the JP team hit him up to chat and catch up about his 1st Pro Model Vest dropping for the Australian Summer.

Lewy Watt Pro Model Vest Jetpilot

JP: You just got back from a season in the US, looked like you guys where having the time of you lives, how did you rate this season compared to last?

LW: Oh yeah for sure, time of my life is exactly how I would explain it. I did more traveling riding and drinking then any other year in the states hahah. Can’t wait for next year when I turn 21 that’s going to be a blast. I worked closely with Malibu this year on the just ride tour, racked up some hours in the truck for sure! I think I went to over 50 cities in the US over the entire season so it was a bloody good year to say the least.

Lewy Watt

JP: Seemed liked you got busy, plenty of killer shots, who did you shoot with this year, any stories or high lights or low lows, nothing as low as the buffalo game at the photo shoot I hope!
LW: Hahaha.  Yeah shot with a bunch of cool people this year! Rod, Brutledge, Spencer… I got my first cover of alliance wake this year so that was a dream come true, that magazine has a lot of rep in the states. It was pretty cool how it happened, I shot with Jeff Mathis one afternoon with Cory and I pretty much forgot about that shoot and those shots, couple weeks later I was out in the boat in Michigan with no service when they posted the cover to surprise me, it was about an hour before I came back into service and my phone was blowing up hahaha! I thought someone had died!

JP: Overall are you happy with your season in the US? Did you get the results you were after?
LW: My goal was to just get a full year of riding in. I have been injured the last 2 seasons in the states so it was sick to stay healthy for a full season. I did so much traveling and riding this year and met so many new people it was blowing my mind the entire time.

JP: You’ve been chasing the contest scene now for a few years, what’s your vibe on the free riders? We think you could kill an Xgames Clip! Do you have any desire to go that route, Gunther pretty much stamped the life outta 2018
LW: Free riders are sick I have just was much respect for contest riders as I do creative free riders. It’s sick when you see someone who Doesn’t go to every single contest but comes into a big event mid year and slays Raph or Massi for example. Yup Gunther is a bad man he killed it this year and the year before, that kid is very good at Wakeboarding. I’d love to get the opportunity. It would be great for me to focus all my energy into one project. I’ve never really done that before it would be interesting to see the finish product.

JP: Let’s give the people what they want!!! almost a year since we shot your first ever signature vest! Has it been hard to keep it hush?
LW: Yeah super hard hahah I’d give off hints to a lot of people but it’s good to finally let the cat out of the bag and get it off my chest!!


JP: The vest is finally about to hit the market How does that make you feel? Are you going to be hyped when you see people using it? I mean literally people are forking over hard-earned coin for your vest, it’s pretty cool!
LW: So f*cking exited, oh yeah I can’t wait to see people wearing the jacket. I’m going to lose it!

JP: Does it add pressure on you as a rider? Do you feel people expect a certain level from a guy who has his own vest?
LW: Yes and No. I’ve been Wakeboarding for nearly 10 years now I feel anyone that knows me and my history would know why someone would wanna put my name on a vest. But on the other hand for sure it’s s huge weight to be rolling around with your name on your jacket, but I’m ready hahaha.

JP: So many times, we see people get signature boards or vests, but they don’t even have any input into the product development, and end up hating the product that they have their name attached to. How involved were you with the process, and are you happy with the end result?
LW: Top to bottom. The boys at JP gave me full control on the graphic and fit. The boys were super supportive of my vision for my first vest, which I’m super stoked about.

Lewy Watt Pro Model Vest Jetpilot
JP: The Aussie summer is just around the corner, how do you plan to spend the next 6 months? Will you be working the Malibu Just ride tour again? When does that kick off?
LW: Yeah for sure already got all my dates locked in for all the events I’m doing with JRT it’s going to be a busy summer like always! I go on my first stop the end of this month actually so it’s not far away at all.

JP: Are you working on anything? A video part would be cool.
LW: Yeah for sure. Thorry and I have been wanting to put a part together for a while now. Hopefully this is the year to do it with help from the big M235 the Boys have in Australia now, can’t wait to get behind that thing it’s epic!

JP: What’s Next for Lewy?
LW: Same again this season. Boarding, boats and beers! Never stop the party!!

Words By Tex.
(& Lewy)