Make life on the water easy on your jet ski, you may think that your jet ski and keys are all you need but why not make riding a lot more fun. These Jetpilot must have accessories will make even the best days on and off the water a lot more fun.


Jetpilot Lightweight Fluke Anchor vs Complete Folding Anchor System

Having a good anchor is no doubt an essential to any PWC. The Jetpilot Lightweight Fluke Anchor is a perfect sand anchor for when beaching your ski on a sandy island.

If your looking for a more durable and multi purpose anchor that will cater to most situations check out the JetpilotĀ Complete Folding Anchor System. Both anchors offer 7.6m of marine grade rope and a heavy duty nylon bag that protects the rope and anchor that can easily be stowed in small spaces.



Jetpilot Triple Hook Ratchet Tie Down

Don’t get stuck tying down your jet ski with an old rope you had in your car for the last 6 months and constantly looking in the rear view mirror hoping your ski won’t fall of the trailer.

The Jetpilot Triple Hook Ratchet Tie Down is a 8 foot long rope that comes with 3 soft hooks and a Ratchet that can easily be adjusted to your suited length.



Jetpilot Venture PWC Neo VestĀ 

Imagine one vest to cover all your jet ski adventure needs. The Venture Series features L50S and L50 vests comes with multiple zippered chest and side stash pockets, extra D-rings and webbing loops helps you store your gear on the vest itself.

Don’t forget about the detachable Go Pro camera Mount on the Neo Vest to help capture all the action. This Jet ski vest is one of Jetpilot’s top sellers and is hands down one of the best PWC vests you can get on the market.


Jetpilot 2 – 4 Person Tube Rope

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good quality tow rope when your towing anything with your jet ski. Accidents can arise at anytime when using an incorrect tow rope the last thing you want is to injure someone when towing.

The Jetpilot 2 – 4 Person Tube Rope is the perfect accessory for towing most tubes behind a jet ski. It is deigned for 2 – 4 riders, is 60 feet in length and has a 1882 kilogram breaking strain. Perfect for those fun days out on the water.



Jetpilot Slingshot Towable

A towable tube is one of the funnest and most important accessories any water sports person can have. Jetpilot cater to a large variety of towables and tubes for both adults and the youth.

The Jetpilot Slingshot Towable is one of the most popular towables in the range. Designed for two people and constructed from heavy duty nylon featuring four double webbing foam handles for comfort in re-boarding and security. The self-bailing drain vent provides a flush system to prevent any unwanted access water and the quick connect tow hook makes it even more easier to disconnect your tow rope form the tube it self avoiding any hassles. Last but not least the Jetpilot Slingshot Towable comes with a point of view (POV) camera mount to attach your Go Pro so you can capture all the action. The pack also comes with a puncture repair kit for those quick on site fixes.




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Blog: Ron Escobar