Welcome to the team – Alex Graydon

ALEX GRAYDON SIGNS with Jetpilot Australia

Jetpilot Australia is super excited to announce the signing of Alex Graydon.

Last year Alex dropped an insane edit for X-Games Real Wake that was impossible to ignore. Landing the himself the award for fan favourite and gaining massive kudos from his peers and Industry big wigs.

“Alex has been on our radar for some time, as a rider we find him super exciting” says Jetpilot TM Dallas Morgan. “We needed an All-terrain guy on the team and what Alex brings to Jetpilot is a new dynamic and we are excited. Alex grew up competing on the boat scene in the WWA Jnr Pro Tour and riding cable on the side. Alex’s style is so sick, his riding is both creative and innovate, Alex is a risk taker, that in itself is both rad and terrifying”.

“We are beyond stoked to have him join the Jetpilot family and excited to see what we can produce together.”


Alex’s talent on the water in front of the camera is matched by his talent off the water behind the camera… his eye for detail and creative direction is welcomed –  expect some new noise in 2019 welcome to the Fam Alex!


Words By Tex.