2018 Wakebaord World Series Stop #5


The WWA Wakeboard World Series Stop #5
Nautique National Championships
July 25-28, 2018. Monroe, Washington, USA

Closing in on the end of the 2018 Wakeboard World Series season means the stakes are higher as the athletes jostle for podium places and points.

The current batch of Pro Men & Pro Women are riding at an astonishing level with each each event and they continue to blow peoples minds with their athletic ability and technical passes.

This particular event was crucial to the overall standings with heavy hitters across all divisions looking to secure points to leverage towards the World Series Title.

The Womens division was again super tough and it was epic to see all the ladies riding so well. Jetpilot Australia Pro Womens Wake was being repped by Bec Gange and Zahra Kell. Bec came up in a very tough heat and was still nursing a broken hand/finger and despite her best efforts she was unable to advance. Zahra, with her usual style continues to put the older girls on notice and was on fire, stomping her way through to the finals against series leader Meagan Ethell, Nicola Butler, Erika Lange, Dallas Friday & Amber Smith.

2018 Wakeboard World Series Pro Women Podium

Zahra rode amazing to podium in 2nd position with 87 pts ahead of Nicola (83 pts) but it wasn’t enough to take the win away from Meagan (92.33 pts) who continues her stellar 2018 atop the World Series leaderboard.


2018 Wakeboard World Series Rankings Pro Women


The Pro Mens Division. Well where to start…
These boys have been dropping hammers all season long.
The semis were heavy and the final was even heavier! Jetpilot Team Riders Tony Iacconi and Cory Teunissen dominated their semis and the stage was set for the final runs alongside current World Series leader Harley Clifford, Guenther Oka, JD Webb, Tyler Higham, Shota Tezuka, Parker Siegele.

Tony finished his run with an impressive score of 90.33 pts to finish in a respective 4th place behind Guenther (92.33 pts), Cory (96.00 pts) & eventual winner Harley with a sick score of 98.00 pts.

2018 Wakeboard World Series Pro Mens Podium

The overall points totals for the 2018 Wakeboard World Series Title  has seen some slight positional changes but with one event left (Aug30-Sept 2, World Championships in Japan) the clear leader and one to beat for the series remains Harley.


2018 Wakeboard World Series Pro Mens Ranks


Time to show some love for the Jnr Pro Mens. Don’t ever forget about or sleep on these dudes. They are sick and are the riders to watch in the future as they will soon be stepping up into the senior ranks. Big ups to young JP Team Rider Bryce Grey coming in hot to take out 3rd spot. YEAH BRUCEY!!

The Jnr Pro Mens placings were as below:
1st: Sam Brown (91.67pts)
2nd: Thomas Herman (87.33pts)
3rd: Bryce Grey (80.67pts)

2018 Wakeboard World Series Jnr Pro Podium



Words By Tex.