Jet Pilot was born in 1986 when it made a name for itself by creating the most technically advanced wetsuits, vests and apparel for the sport of personal watercraft racing.

The inspiration came from 4 Californians with a strong passion for Moto X and Watercraft. As Scott, Jeff, Eric and Phil got heavily into Watercraft they saw that no one was focusing on Rider apparel in this growing sport. Their MX background gave them the vision and design concepts that changed the industry to what we are today. The Jet Pilot brand name was chosen from the guys from their experience of racing Moto X at a Pro level in America and Europe. They were called Moto pilots if you rode Moto X bikes in Europe. They didn’t want to call the brand Jet Ski Pilot racing apparel as Jet Ski was a Kawasaki trademark name for their watercraft products, so the brand Jet Pilot was the title of the new direction in water sports gear.

The watercraft market was getting very exciting on the racing side and Jet Pilot created the personalities in the sport that we still know today, such as Jammer, Fish, Mac, Slasher, Haulin Harry, Hollywood Watkins, Rick Roy and Christy Carlson. These riders captured the youth globally and made us see through Jet Pilots marketing how exciting the sport can be. The JP marketing made you see beneath the helmet of the athlete and got you involved with the rider’s lifestyle. Jet Pilot still today sponsors Jeff “JAMMER” Jacobs as he has won 10 World titles on stand-up watercraft. He started with JP when he was 15. All the greats in this sport have experienced Jet Pilots active movement to growing the sport and them as individuals.

In the late 90’s, Jet Pilot and Rick Roy started the Freeride Watercraft Tour, which has changed freeriding all over the world. Rick Roy, Clay Cullen and Aussie, Mark Tearle were assembled to do a world tour on surf riding over 2 years. Jet Pilot traveled with the team to South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Hawaii and Canada, just to name a few. This created images that were outstanding and pushed the boys to develop the Rickter Back Flip! The first back Flip on a stand-up watercraft.

This made way for Jet Pilot to create a surf contest for watercraft called The Red Bull Wave Challenge. This pushed the established stars and created a new audience for the sport. Freeriding in the surf was now in a competition format. This format is still used all over the world today. The beauty of this side of the sport is that the athlete needed more ability over budget to showcase their skills. We have seen new stars like Joe Kenney emerge from this new side of watercraft riding.

For the first 5 years Jet Pilot got the PWC watersports products moving and decided it was time to grow again and set out to conquer the international market. They brought in an International company to take over ownership and help drive it to be one of the leading lifestyle brands in the watersports market. This company still owns the Brand and sees a huge future as they point themselves towards 35 years of JP Business. Since then Jet Pilot has evolved and developed to offer a complete line of clothing, vest, wetsuits, shoes and watersports accessories for the wakeboard, PWC and surfing markets. 

Jet Pilot initially got involved in the wakeboard industry in 1995. It was a great crossover for Jet Pilot wetsuits and clothing. As we got more involved, we began to see that the wakeboard market was still in its infancy and that there was room for improvements. 

To help Jet Pilot gain the exposure it needs to become the number one clothing and watersports line in the market, we signed on with the World Sports and Marketing crew as the official watersports and clothing sponsor of the 1996, 97 and 98 Wakeboard tour. Through this sponsorship our products receive added exposure through the USA national magazines as well as on-site displays, selling and promoting the latest Jet Pilot gear and accessories at every tour stop around the USA, including the Mastercraft US Masters and the Wakeboard World Finals.

Jetpilot was an active sponsor of the freestyle motocross series in the USA and have sponsored top US and Australian motocross riders with clothing for many years.  We introduced freestyle motocross (FMX) to the Australian X Games and were the sports organizers of that event in the late 90’s. Jet Pilot Marketing department also created the Mini Bike racing movement in Australia; we launched the DC triple crown of Moto Mini Bikes and the Honda Australian Nationals.

After 10 years Jet Pilot had become one of the leading brands globally in this industry. Today, 34 years on, we are very proud to support a number of the world's top Wakeboarder and PWC race/free riders including Felix Georgii, Alex Graydon, Cory Teunissen, Tony Iaconni, Lewy Watt, Bec Gange, Zahra Kell Jeremy Poret, Kevin Reiterer, Quinten Bossche, James Bushell, Nacho Armillas, Emma Nellie, Joel Barry, Abraham Hochstrasser, Estelle Poret.

We owe our success to our team riders, designers and partners. Collectively we have pushed the boundaries because we all believe in what we do. 

Jet Pilot has used competition as the driving force in our continual search for innovative discoveries. Over the years, we've had the opportunity of working with some of the finest athletes in the world. 

We stand alone in our commitment to design, durability and performance of all our products and with this attitude and love for the action sports industry, Jet Pilot will continue to create products that we all can enjoy.

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