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Vests & Lifejackets

Why do I need a life vest?

Whether you are Jet Skiing, Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing or skiing, an Australian Approved life jacket is required for use in Australian Waters. Jet Pilot offers a wide range of Australian Standard life vests for men, women, children and infants. It is important to choose the correct type of vest for your intended use.

How do I choose the right life vest?

A life vest should be as snug as possible while remaining comfortable; remember, it will stretch out when the vest gets wet. When you wear a vest (life jacket) that is correctly fitted, you should feel the vest tightly squeeze around your abdomen area. Think of your life jacket as a second skin, you don’t want any air between you and the life jacket because air can cause bruised ribs when you take a fall. If you are unsure of your size please refer to the Jet Pilot life jacket size guide.

How do I choose the correct PWC (Personal Water Craft/jet ski) life jacket?

Jet Pilot have designed personal watercraft (PWC) life jackets for both open waters rated L50 (previously known as PFD2) and L50s for still water life jackets. The main difference between the two life jackets are colours, you will see L50 life vests have vibrant colours i.e. Yellow L50 and Red L50 compared to L50s life vests which have less vibrant colours i.e. black, navy and charcoal. For further information on what laws surround your personal watercraft we recommend you browse through your state maritime safety website.

How do I choose a Wakeboarding life jacket?

Over the years Jet Pilot have constructed and designed a number of wakeboarding life vests giving us the experience and knowledge in delivering the highest quality product. But how do you know which life jacket is right for you? You want to consider your body type and what you will be using it for, are you an advanced rider, beginner or will you be using your life jacket for all your water sports activities?
If you are solely using your life jacket for wakeboarding we recommend the Quantum Series as it features over size arm holes for full range of motion. A great cross over vest would be the X1 featuring Jet Pilot’s Bevelled Edges decreasing the overall thickness of the vest to give you more flexibility in movement. If you need an all-round vest we recommend the Men’s Addict or Ladies Scope Reversible life vests, these life vests offer L50 and L50s options just flip the vest inside out to select your preference.

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