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    Zahra Kell

  • ZK

    • Age: 16
    • Hometown: Wisemans Ferry
    • Years Riding: 7
    • Sponsors: Jetpilot, Oakley, Liquid Force, Nautique, (Snow) Burton & Balmoral Boards
    • Rides: Liquid Force
    • Favourite Trick: Tantrum
    • Favourite Riding Spot: Black Diamond Wakeboard School, Mulwala
    • Career Highlights: IWSF U9 World Champion
      2012 Australian Snowboard Champion for Slopestyle, Halfpipe, GS and Bordercross
      2013 U14 Girls Australian Champion
      2015 IWWF Jnr Girls World Champion
      2017 IWWF Jnr Girls World Champion
      2018 Womens Australian Open Champion
      2018 IWWF Jnr Girls World Champion
      RCAA 2018 Boat Rider of the Year
    • Favourite Country Visited: Italy
    • Hobbies: Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Trampolining, Art, Cooking
    • Favourite Place to Chill: Black Diamond, Cables, and any Wakeboard Event