Jetpilot Smoko Series - Brouhaha Brewery

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2022 Jetpilot Team

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Brouhaha is a funny word. 
It's a noun meaning a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something.
A feeling that occurred for us when we partnered up with the amazing team at Brouhaha Brewery on the Sunshine Coast for the first installment of our Jetpilot Smoko Series. A series aimed to showcase the diversity of stories behind people working in Australian industries. 

The Brouhaha Brewery story begun in 2016 with 4 locals setting out to build their ultimate brew-pub.
The birthplace was in the hinterland of Maleny where they set themselves up to create high quality craft beer using fresh, local produce. They have grown to be much more than that now with award winning brews, a loyal following and a growing demand that has seen them reach capacity in just three years. The next stage of their journey sees them descend from the mountains and land closer to the ocean with a new production brewery now established in Caloundra.   

The team at Brouhaha has been wearing our workwear for sometime so we headed up to their newest facility for the day to catch up with them, see how the gear was holding up and follow them for the day as they worked on some new batches of their delicious beers.