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Instagram handle:

Date of birth:

Nationality: Belgium

Age started:
Riding 4. Racing 6

Oostende, Belgium

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot?
A childhood dream come true ! Watching the pro’s in the early days and now having my own place inside the Jetpilot athlete programme.

What are your career highlights?
I cherish so many highlights and still take every victory as a blessing.Who or what inspires you? People who work hard for their dreams ! Favourite place to ride? Hometown lake ! Putting in the laps with my crew of riders ! 


Instagram handle: @kevinreiterer

Date of birth: 11.08.1992

Nationality: Austria

Age started: 8

Lives: Austria

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? It is awesome to represent a company sharing the same values plus when I grew up all my idols have been JP athletes making it a dream come true!

What are your career highlights? Multiple World Champion and King's Cup Winner

Who or what inspires you? Athletes and Humans pushing beyond their limits and evolve!

Favourite place to ride? Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA


Instagram handle: @36nacho36

Date of birth: 20/02/1993

Nationality: Spanish

Age started: 7 riding jetski, racing at 11

Lives: Girona (City fully of Aussies BTW)

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? It means a lot. It's a way of life, it's not only in the water, it's outside. Your mojo comes up when you are dressed by JetPilot in a random life situation!

What are your career highlights? To be honest, I won everything in the small classes since I was a junior, I turned a Pro and I have been always in the Top 5. I had my fast years 2015-2016 where the mechanics killed my tittles and then that accident happened. I was apart from racing for more than 2.5 years, i came back straight to King's Cup but my body wasn't on point yet. I went to fast on recovery. Mistakes on life. Used to comebacks I showed up in 2020 winning my first moto since 2016 after 9 surgeries in my left leg and back. Right now, I'm fully back to racing, taking it way more chill and easy than when winning was a MUST and guess what? I'm faster than ever. Happy boy is a fast boy!

Who or what inspires you? Everyone out there with the susses desire and to be a better version of themselves! That's what’s inspiring me.
Favourite place to ride? Sunset rides followed by a cold beer.


Instagram handle: @dustinmotz

Date of birth: 10 April 1981

Nationality: South African

Age started: 12

Lives: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? I ride for the best gear company in the history of the sport period, all the legends wore JP.

What are your career highlights? Multi time pro world and national championships and kings cup champion

Who or what inspires you? Top sportsman in many different arenas that have won but stayed grounded during it all.

Favourite place to ride? Richardsbay South Africa


Instagram handle: @coycurtis155

Date of birth: 05/18/09

Nationality: American

Age started: 4

Lives: I live In lake Havasu City, AZ

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? It means representing the very best in the industry.

What are your career highlights? Highlights - freestyle under the bridge. Being able to race and ride at Huntington Beach

Who or what inspires you? Inspiration - Dustin Motz is an inspiration to me. Watching my dad do his thing in the surf is also something I hope to live up to one day.

Favourite place to ride? My favorite place to ride is my playground, Body Beach

Favourite trick? My favorite trick is the double point back 540


Instagram handle:

Date of birth: 1998-08-15

Nationality: Swedish 

Age started: 11

Lives: Gothenburg, Sweden

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? It's a huge deal, I love the quality the clothes, both for on & off the water. If you're a real OG jetski rider, who knows some history, you need a Jetpilot suit on! They've been involved with the sport since the beginning and that really shows.

What are your career highlights? Of course, my World Championship wins, but also all the experiences and awesome people I've met on the way. My racing is a big part of the journey of life and I'm trying to enjoy every moment! Also, my contract signing with Team Abu Dhabi, as the first woman on the racing team, feels great to push limits for women all over the world.

Who or what inspires you? All the hard working and supporting people around me. You are not better then your team, thats for sure! Also, all the struggles and problems that you need to overcome on the way. The struggles itself is not so nice, but when you find the solutions gets me a real dopamine kick and inspires me to keep on going. Nothing is impossible.

Favourite place to ride? I love to be out riding and testing before big races, like in Thailand, Arizona or any World Championship event. Feeling the warm water when I turn and the excitement for the race. All the expectations is there and everything is still up for grabs! Its a whole vibe at those events!


Instagram handle: @Jonnaborgstrom

Date of birth: 13 October 1997

Nationality: Sweden

Age started: I was 8 years old when I was riding a jetski for the first time, I then started to race when I was around 11-12 years old.

Lives: Henån, Sweden.

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? Jetpilot is the coolest brand there is with their high-quality products and awesome designs. Since we got to know each other they've always got my back and I'm really proud to be a part of their team.

What are your career highlights? 2nd place in 2019 is my best ever result for the Aquabike World Championship. But my first ever Grand Prix victory in Sharjah 2019 is for sure one of the best highlights of my career. After suffering a bad injury at the very same place in Sharjah two years earlier it was such a cool feeling to come back and take the Grand Prix win after a long and tough recovery. Something I never thought would be possible at the time of the injury.

Favourite place to ride? Anywhere as long as there are big waves!


Instagram handle: @estelleporet

Date of birth: 11/03/1996

Nationality: FRANCE

Age started: 12

Lives: I live in Lyon, France

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? Live ride escape that’s it 😉

What are your career highlights? 3 times French Champion Ladies GP1 3 times Vice world champion Ladies GP1 Vice European Champion Ladies GP1 Who or what inspires you? I want to show that anything is possible when you believe, when you dream it, work on it and put in all our heart. Continue to grow, learn and flourish with my sport.

Favourite place to ride? Italy when there are big waves 😉 


Instagram handle: Joelb43

Date of birth: 21/12/1993

Nationality: Australian

Age started: Cant even remember but my parents had me on jetskis since I was born.

Lives: Inverloch, Victoria

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? Growing up with parents that were involved in jetski racing since before I was born, Jetpilot was always the main brand name associated with the sport while I was growing up. My whole life I have been using Jetpilot products so it’s pretty damn cool to have the support of a company I would be choosing to use anyway.

What are your career highlights? #2 at the 2007 World finals junior class #1 Junior in oz 3 times I think #1 Pro in Oz 2014 #1 Pro in Oz surf racing 2 times #10 Pro at the 2014 World Finals #3 Freeride World Tour 2018 #1 Freeride World Tour 2019

Who or what inspires you? Genuinely good people that you can sit down and have a beer with and want to see you succeed but will fight you to the death in competition and push you to be your best.

Favourite place to ride? Home- Inverloch

Favourite trick? Super roll


Instagram handle: @tomaiken

Date of birth: 11/08/1998

Nationality: Australian

Age started: 12

Lives: Sydney, Australia

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? It was everything when i started riding and it’s even more now. To be backed by a reputable brand that feels like a big family makes it a pleasure to continue riding and doing what i love.

What are your career highlights? 1st in Jetpilot battle of the best. 4th in Pro Stock Ski in Kings Cup Thailand.

Who or what inspires you? I enjoy building all my skis to the highest standard. So, i follow the continuous development of Bullett Racing/Paratec, as well as riders like Jeremy Poret. I believe this encourages me to strive and therefore better myself and my equipment.

Favourite place to ride? Tallows Beach, NSW

Favourite trick? Madonna Backflip


Instagram handle: @ryansavage___

Date of birth: 30/03/93

Nationality: Australia

Age started: 20

Lives: Melbourne, Vic

What does it mean to ride for Jetpilot? Number one brand in the Jetski game by far! Best riders gear and there clothing line is great too.

What are your career highlights? Competing in events all around the world. I got invited to New Zealand for the Festival of freeride and it was the best trip I’ve been on, made lifelong friends from it and then killed it at the comp 🤟 Traveling the world and making new free ride friends gives me the most from the sport.

Who or what inspires you? Big inspiration from riders/athletes who are able to turn their passion into their way of income.

Favourite place to ride? The local spot in Inverloch beach where it all began is a special spot for me. Also, I love checking out my riding mates from around the worlds local ride spots.

Favourite trick? Would have to be a Ruler back flip. Can really send it and you're fully just hanging off the ski whilst it’s above your head.


Instagram handle:: @abrahamhochstrasser

Nationality: Mexico

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