To be the best at anything you need to have the right tools to help you get there. Jet ski racing is no exception but why just be fast? Be comfortable and safe in your races. These Jetpilot must have jet ski race accessories will give you the edge you have been looking for.


If your helmet doesn’t have a face shield it is highly recommended that you get yourself a good pair or goggles especially if your travelling at high speeds. The Jetpilot H20 Floating Goggle is a great asset to your race kit as it comes with 100% polarised lens and floats so you don’t have to worry about losing your race goggles in the water.


A jet ski racer will tell you that investing in a good pair of gloves is crucial. Jetpilot have a wide range of race gloves from super lite to heavy duty gloves in both short and full fingered length for the seasoned racer.

Constructed from 1mm ultra light neoprene with lycra side finger stretch gussets and double stitched high stress zones the jetpilot range has gloves for all types of racers.

The durable 2 ply padded palm is a great feature in the Matrix race gloves for added comfort making this a long lasting glove.


If turning at high speeds or rough race conditions are getting to your legs  the Protech Leg Guardsgives you extra padding helping to avoid bruising. The Protech Leg Guard has a tough impact resistant outer shell the is constructed from X1 energy absorbing memory foam that is attached to your leg with velcro straps for a secure fit.


One of the worst things that can happen to you in a race is slipping because you wore the wrong pair of shoes. The X2 Phantom Flex Lite Boot is perfect for a racer that is looking for a flexible yet durable boot that has a good gripping sole. The X2 is constructed with a new low profile Flex Lite sole that is extremely lite and flexible that offers a high traction grip. The synthetic upper shoe with air mesh panels gives way for a superior drainage solution with a secure ankle support.


Getting a good wetsuit can be quite an investment but any rider knows the advantages to wearing a tight comfortable race suit. Not only does it keep you warm in cooler conditions, it also reduces the risk of injury. The Matrix Pro Race Suit is designed for all seasons with the full suit to accommodate cooler conditions and a detachable jacket for more tropical climates.

This wetsuit features 100% super strong flush lock seams to avoid water in unwanted area’s, 2mm Flex Lite ultra stretch neoprene, ankle zips on the John and 3mm shin pads for extra protection. The Matrix Pro Race Suit is undoubtedly the king of race suits when it comes to the PWC industry with world champions Kevin Reiterer and Jeremy Poret pushing these suits to their limits every season.

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