Seriously tough fabric, built for life’s work.

Our latest fabric technology is set to be a game changer for those who are work makers and water seekers.

We put the JET-LITE fabric to the test with the RMC Building team (@r_m_c_build) in Northern NSW to shoot our latest campaign.
This photoshoot quickly become one of our favourite campaign days, as we put a pair of JET-LITE shorts through the ringer with the crew. 

Following a typical Aussie tradie through his work day; from work to the water. We tested our Jet-Lite shorts through coffee spills, tomato sauce catastrophes, saw dust, mud, knock off beers and pool bomb dives. 
The shorts stood up to the test and endured the onslaught of filling pockets to the brim and the constant bending, moving and general dirt through the work day. 

Check out the behind the scenes video below to see more of the day!

Behind the Scenes Video