Raph Trinidad - Welcome to the TEAM!

Raph Trinidad - Welcome to the TEAM!
Raph Trinidad.
Welcome to the Jetpilot team.

Raph hails from the Phillipines, rides out CWC Wakepark and has clearly marked himself as a star of the sport.
His enthusiasm, energy and obvious talent can be seen throughout his wakeboarding content.

His breakthrough moment came at the 2019 World Wakeboarding Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina
where he shocked a heavily stacked field to claim second spot in the Mens Open division
in his very first international contest at only 18 years of age.
He also has 4 x national titles under his belt and is currently ranked
2nd in the world for cable wakeboarding in the IWWF rankings
serving notice that he will continue
to be a serious contender in major cable contests. 

"We are absolutely stoked to be able to welcome Raph to the team. I love what he brings to our team.
His is ripping and brings in such an energy and passion for wake.
Watch this Space!" - Dallas Morgan, JP Team Manager.

You can keep up to date with Raph on his instagram & Youtube links below
and make sure you check out his clip below!! 


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