Wesley Mark Jacobsen and the rest of the Space Mob collective came up with a pretty damn cool idea that they saw through, and is now is a reality!.

An online video team contest called “Space Tapes”.

In a recent interview with The Cable magazine, Wes talks about how Yard Sale (Valdosta) was cancelled for the year and the concept for Space Tapes came about, in his words, “it’s absolutely blown the f#@k up. It’s insane”. He also spoke about how everyone seemed fed up with the Instagram b#llshit and wanted some more real edits that have a vibe. Everyone is so concerned about followers, likes and comments that no one was making real edits and it needed to change to open up the eyes of both the riders and the industry.

They had 74 teams sign up for Space Tapes!! He (Wes) was thinking if they got 30 teams entered it would have been mind blowing, so to get 74 entries, was a full mind melt.
Teams are made up of 3-5 people per team and  can be a mix of guys, gals, wake boarders and wake skaters. Entries have to run between 2:30 to 4:00 minutes. Riders can use forms of Cable, winch, boat, bro tow, atv tow, jet ski, dry pull, gravity drop, redirected pulleys, gas, electric, truck/car/lambo, crane, helicopter, dirtbike or essentially anything you can dream up with your board. Oh and yeah, it’s a pre requisite that all teams submit a group photo.

Teams are battling it out for $14,000 in cash prizes, $5,000 in giveaways plus other stuff including a Space Mob Abduction/VWC Vacation!! Could this be the future of wakeboarding events… Possibly, it certainly was entertaining and captivated my attention.
There was some heavy hitters, but we really dug what Felix Georgii and his crew dished up in Booga...


Also the Heatley Brothers  Wild west was edit was damn impressive 



Great to see our team riders getting busy and delivering quality content 


warms me old heart!



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