2024 UIM Aquabike Season Starts in Vietnam

2024 UIM Aquabike Season Starts in Vietnam

Thrilling Action Unfolds at the 2024 UIM Aquabike Race in Vietnam

Vietnam witnessed a spectacular showcase of speed, skill, and adrenaline at the 2024 UIM Aquabike Race held in Binh Dinh, Vietnam on 22-24 March 2024. The event, organized by H20 Racing, brought together some of the world's finest aquabike riders for an electrifying display of PWC racing. 

Against the stunning backdrop of Vietnam's picturesque coastline, participants from across the globe showcased their mastery over the waves, captivating audiences with their daring manoeuvres and unmatched speed.

After 3 days of dramatic competition the UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship ended with impressive results. 

Jetpilot team riders winning a clean sweep of the podium in Ski GP1. Quinten Bossche in 1st, Kevin Reiterer in 2nd and Morgan Poret in 3rd place.

Francois Medori took home 2nd place in Runabout GP1 and in Ski Ladies GP1 saw Jasmiin Ypraus never let off the throttle to claim top spot with Estelle Poret in 2nd. Sofi Borgstrom took home a well deserved 4th and Jessica Chavanne unfortunately ran into some mechanical difficulties in the final race ending up 5th overall. 

It was such am amazing venue drawing top aquabike riders from various countries, creating a fiercely competitive atmosphere on the water.

The 2024 UIM Aquabike Race in Vietnam not only showcased the excitement and skill of the aqua bike competitors but also highlighted Vietnam's potential as a premier destination for water sports enthusiasts.

For more information and updates on the 2024 UIM Aquabike Race, please visit https://www.aquabike.net/ or follow them on @aquabike_official


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