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    Ladies Lifejackets

    With award-winning products Jetpilot offer one of the largest ranges of ladies life jackets. Whether you are jet skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing or skiing, an Australian Approved life jacket is required for use in Australian Waters. Jetpilot offers a wide range of ladies Australian Standard life vests. It is important to choose the correct type of vest for your intended use.

    A life vest should be as snug as possible while remaining comfortable; remember, it will stretch when the vest gets wet. When you wear a vest (life jacket) that is correctly fitted, you should feel the vest tightly squeeze around your abdomen area. Think of your life jacket as a second skin, you don’t want any air between you and the life jacket because air can cause bruised ribs when you take a fall. If you are unsure of your size please refer to the Jetpilot life jacket size guide.