If you are an avid Australian wake boarding viewer, you are no doubt familiar with Jetpilot team rider Lewy Watt. If you don't know who Lewy Watt is then you best slap your self, rip out your phone, open Instagram and start following him. To me Lewy is rad, he has the personality, oozes style and connects to essence of youth. Last week we caught up with him to ask him 6 quick questions. 

1 - What are 5 things you should always pack for a trip?
A. Boat, Wallet, Beer, Camera, Birds (girls)

2 - What is your most played song right now?
A. It Feels So Good - Sonique

3 - What is the 6th photo on your phone?
4 - What is the last book you read?
A. Connor McGregor - Notorious

5 - What is your all-time favourite food?
A. Maybe Ramen or KFC or McDonalds

6 - Who are your top 5 inspirations?
A. I get inspired by people who work hard! Not just at wake boarding but in life! A few of the wake boarders would be Massi & Sam as they are some of the riders I don’t get bored watching as now days everyone does the same shit! Joey Battleday I like too. Another person I’m always getting inspired by is Tony Iacconi, he goes hard for the sport!
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