Yesterday the Federal and State Government briefed the public on new recreational boating rules around the Corona Virus pandemic. Fortunately we learnt that Queensland boaties can still take their boats out locally to fish or travel for essential reasons. I personally need the water in my life to stay sane, so if it means I need to take a rod with me, then so be it, I’m going fishing for dinner!

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey clarified yesterday

“If you own a boat and want to head out in the water in your local community to fish for food this weekend, you can,” Mr Bailey said.

“If you need your boat to travel locally in your community, you can still do that.

“If you want to head out on your kayak or stand up paddle board for exercise, you still can.

“State Government boat ramps will remain open to boaties.

“We want people to continue living their lives as normally as possible under the current circumstances, but the advice of the Chief Health Officer needs to be followed."

With all of the above said it is still import to note that Mr Bailey also said.

“No one should be leaving their home unless it’s absolutely necessary.” And that “This isn’t a special rule to let people out on the water for non-essential reasons this weekend,” Mr Bailey said.

 Confused? yeah me too!

Our advice is adhere to the new rules, be aware of the current restrictions, respect social distancing at boat ramps and on the water, stay calm, be patient and have no more than two persons per craft. Take rods, go fishing, catch dinner and stay safe. 


Since Queensland boaties can still take their boats out locally to fish for food or travel for essential reasons. We are giving away "hand reels" with every watersports purchase over $75. 

Did someone say dinner is caught?