If you don't personally know Alex just know that he is one beautifully cool human being. He has a whole lot of substance behind the scenes of his stylish riding. Seriously, go check out some of his clips (@alexgraydon) & his photos too (@darkgrayphoto). They are pretty nice for your eyeballs.

A lot more can be said about Alex – which we will leave for another time as I prefer my blog posts like my current trips to the supermarket – short…

Anyway and without further adieu here is a quick Q & A with Alex. 


1 - What are 5 things you should always pack for a trip?
A. Pre Coronavirus:
    1: Camera
    2: Some type of board (excluding longboards, boogie boards or anything electrical)

    3: Multitool / Pocket Knife
    4: Toothbrush (pretty obvious)
    5: Good Company

A. Post Coronavirus:
    1: Fully Automatic M16 with lots of ammo
    2: Enough toilet paper to get through a nuclear winter
    3: Hazmat Suit
    4: Toothbrush (clean teeth are still important)
    5: No Company (every man for themselves)

2 - What is your most played song right now?

A. I don’t listen to music. I only listen to the voices in my head.

3 - What is the 6th photo on your phone?
A. Excluding all the accidental screenshots. It’s this one. This is from a roll of film I jusy had developed from when I was travelling through Sumatra. I don’t know who the old man is… Hopefully he doesn’t follow this account…

4 - What is the last book you read?
A. The Intelligent Investor.

     Or Twilight. I can’t remember. Let’s go with Twilight.

5 - What is your all-time favourite food?
A. Eggs

6 - Who are your top 5 inspirations?
A. My Wife. My Father. Craig Anderson. Naval Ravikant. Anyone who takes time out of their lives to help the environment (seriously, pick up trash, it feels great).