Felix is a world renowned rider and all around certified good dude. Put a board under his feet and watch him go to work. Wake Board, Snow Board, Skate Board we are all a little jealous of his skills. 

Some of his video projects over the years are still some of the sickest edits you will see. When you pair him up with some of the filmers/editors he has worked with, I mean, well damn, what else would you expect right. 

He's currently locked down like alot of us are because of the RONA so we asked him a couple questions to fill in 5 minutes of your time... well maybe only 2 minutes... but go watch his edits on YOUTUBE to fill up your days in isolation cause we all know yall have the time right now cause you are #StayHome just like us :( 

1 - What are 5 things you should always pack for a trip?
A. Toothbrush, Charger, Disinfection Cream, Wakeboard, Wetsuit (because you always need one).

2 - What is your most played song right now?
A. Blue Monday - New Order.

3 - What is the 6th photo on your phone?
A. This ski lift picture but I thought to put in the 7th also to show a photo of these 2 idiots trying to figure out a pocket ruler! 
4 - What is the last book you read?
A. The Tyranny of the Butterfly (never finished it but might have some time during this lockdown to start reading again). 

5 - What is your all-time favourite food?
A. Kasspatzen - which is some sort of pasta mixed with mountain cheese amd caramalised onions on top.

6 - Who are your top 5 inspirations?
A. Homies, Other Wakeboarders, Skateboarding, Snowboarding & Surfing.