Ok so 2020 is not really going great is it...

It's pretty sucky tbh. 

We all know too well all the crazy things that have been going on since last year and getting tons of coverage in the media - Bush Fires, Floods. & now a global pandemic we have never witnessed before.

The current COVID-19 situation has well and truly cooked it for us. All we wanna do is continue life as normal you know, get out and about and do a couple cool activities, hang with our family & friends, shit... even go to back to work on the regular, grab a bite to eat and maybe a beer (or six), like give us a break. 

We miss just doing things. All the things. 

Self isolation sucks. 

With the Aussie government announcing at least another 4 weeks of social distancing it's hard to remain optimistic when returning to normality is still a long ways off. Resilient is a word that comes to mind when I think about what we all face and this is needed now more than ever as I see more people, businesses, friends and family battle through this experience. 

The thought of breaking free again once this is all over is one that helps me get through and I find myself looking at all the things I miss. Old photos and videos on my phone, clips on youtube and all the other usual er sites... Anything that keeps my mind of the fact that we are semi locked down. Online shopping helps also... 

It would be cool to see what everyone else is missing or would rather be doing hence the #BREAKFREE with JP. Our social media team is still active as ever and love some good content so if you've got something to show us you know what to do! Get tagging. We've got a couple fresh JP merch packs for the ones we like the most.  @jetpilotcompany #BreakFreeWithJP

Stay Safe. 

Here are some of things I would rather be doing... 




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