Every time it runs the X-Games Real Wake is an epic grouping of riding sections pieced together by some of the dopest riders / filmers / photogs in the game. 

The X-Games enlists judges to award of course GOLD / SILVER & BRONZE respectively and they also let the fans vote and decide on the FAN FAVOURITE. Some of the sections may not win the Judges vote for gold but they definitely win the hearts of the people!! 

The crew over at Alliance Wake Magazine (respect) in light of the current COVID-19 Pandemic put together the 4 x Fan Favourite edits from 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 and put it out there for the people to decide who would be the overall fan favourite. 

The 4 x parts were:
Chris Abadie - 2015 Fan Vote GOLD
Chris Abadie - 2016 Fan Vote GOLD
Alex Graydon - 2017 Fan Vote GOLD
Felix Georgii - 2018 Fan Vote GOLD

We obviously HEAVILY favoured our guys Alex & Felix (we split the office voting evenly, honest!) and we have rewatched these parts every now and then since they came out and still sit back, impressed and entertained. 

So the voting ran for a while and the last man standing as announced by Alliance recently to take out the Overall Fan Favourite was as you may already know - Alex Graydon. 

Heres the winning clip below just to give you a reminder on how legit it was.