Being restricted has been both good and bad, for me personally it’s been kind of nice to slow down. One thing is for sure free to air TV sucks - it’s so bad I can’t believe free to air even exists with all the options we have these days. I’ve clocked Netflix, and chewed so much up data on YouTube (wink wink) and Apple TV.
During this time, I’ve been reconnecting with music, listening to artists I haven’t since my school years. It’s almost comedic (or embarrassing) swinging between the styles that reflected certain periods of life, almost as if these songs were my spiritual Sherpa through my teen years and into my 20’s.  
So, while the current times are weird, music is still here for you, honestly it never left, music doesn’t judge you, it just gives you those feels, sparking some emotional connect so deep you need a snorkel just to resurface.
I’m a curious cat by nature, I always have been, I’m constantly stalking artists, athletes or checking out playlist from Brands that I think are cool. So, I got thinking, specifically about our Jetpilot team riders, they are pretty cool, so what are they treating their ears to? what gets them fires lit before a session.
Tap on below images to hear what gets Tony in the mode