Long weekends are insane! I sat on a stool and milked the utters off that weekend, not literally... but I did stay busy from sun up to sun down.
  Maybe it was sifting through Tony's play list made me feel like part of the weekend never dies or was it the weather? I don't really know, but what I know is I had a damn good time
Speaking of good times, Bec Gange knows what's up. Bec has delivered her playlists just time for the weekend pre drinks. A eclectic choice in choonz that crosses some genres. If you're down with Aussie hip, crack a icy cold Woodstock and recline into that couch cause Bec's got you covered.
While we still cant go outside and roam the streets like love cats, there is no reason we cant crush a few cans and kick on in the safety of our own living environments.
Tap on below images to hear what gets Bec's foot tapping