If you’ve ever spent time with Alex Graydon you quickly identify how easy it is to hang out with the dude, Modest, funny, laid back are the first words that easily roll off the tongue. Even if you’ve just met, you get that “I’ve known this guy my whole life” kind of vibe.
For those of you who may not know Alex, he is what you see, creative, articulate and extremely talented - on and off the water, I mean he has a Xgames real wake medal, he is a true ATV beast.
 check his Xgames clip it's literally one min long and full of bangers that will legit make you both wince in sympathy pain and jaw drop at the end.

Alex spends his days nestled in his Sunshine coast home, with his wife and dog, it’s a mellow setting and entering his place you feel relaxed and at home, you can definitely feel Alex’s personality in this carefully curated play list. Tune in to tune out!