Lewy Watt is the people’s MVP. Everyone loves him, I love him and I never get to see him. That's the kind of impression the guy makes on you.  A personality and energy only matched by a slab of over shaken Red Bull.

His energy never waivers, I’ve never seen him get down or be flat, he is always motivated and keen to get it done, he ooses that euphoric sunset vibe mixed with that early beer buzz feel you get at the start of a night that you know is going to be a “BEST NIGHT EVAHHHH"!!

Lewy's personality is perfectly paired up with his ability on a wake board, stylish, creative and easy on the eye.

If you get a chance, say hi to Lewy, its worth it just to catch some of that energy, it’s a good reminder that life goes fast and if you slow down, you’re probably going to die… nah kidding but, seriously why slow! milk the utters off every day as if it was your last.

Lewy dishes up some high energy choons that keep that heart rate up. Invite the crew over turn it up to the red and feel the energy