Pass The Handle Day

Pass The Handle Day

#PassTheHandle aims to raise awareness to encourage water sports enthusiasts to introduce someone new to towed water sports activities. The concept originated from two wake boarders Zane Schwenk and Jetpilot’s very own Shaun Murray. Jetpilot is proud to support this great cause and would like to encourage as many people as possible to help us spread the word! 

The idea is to find a friend or friends who are new to towed water sports and get them on the water. By teaching them your tricks of the trade we are helping to build a community of passionate water sports enthusiasts and spreading the fun lifestyle we love to live!

If you are unable to ride this weekend, we encourage you to post a photo/video of yourself on your social channels and tag #PassTheHandle to help us promote this great initiative.

We would also like to highlight the importance of practicing safe towed water sports activities. Please ensure you educate everyone on the necessary safety measures in your area and are using up to date water sports equipment.  

 Jetpilot’s recommendation on towed water sports safety equipment.

Life Jackets: It is recommended that you have the correct life jacket for the intended water sports activity. Jetpilot Australia has range of mens life jackets, ladies life jackets and kids life jackets that are made to Australian Standards AS4758. This will give you peace of mind when you are participating in your chosen water sports activity.

Tow Rope/Handles: Please ensure your tow rope or handle does not exceed the maximum weight or person capacity. Jetpilot Australia has a range of Tow Ropes and Wake Handles specifically constructed for each water sports activity.

We also recommend reading up on your local maritime safety laws so you are up to date with all the relevant regulations.


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