Cory Tuenissen has once again stomped on the worlds best wakeboarders and brought home the dub at the Supra Pro Wake Tour Stop #3. 

Double Ups were in full effect and the boys went hard.

CT's double tantrum to blind out of the gates... spicy... 

Being a digital event fans were able to tune in and watch the runs, then re-watch the runs and then weigh in to vote on who they thought had the sickest run. Judges then chipped in and the results were finalised.

Check out Cory's winning run below and bonus points for anyone who has this video game-esque trick list on lock like CT... 

- Double Tantrum To Blind
- Double Half Cab Indy
- Crow Mobe 720
- Melon FS 360 
- Switch Toe 1080
- Toe Side Double Indy Backroll
- Switch Heelside 1080