2024 Australian Watercross Nationals

2024 Australian Watercross Nationals

Revving Up: A Recap of the 2024 Australian Watercross Nationals on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast reverberated with the thunderous roar of jet skis as the 2024 Australian Watercross Nationals took place on the weekend of May 18th and 19th. It marked a significant return as the first jet ski race held in the area in many years, igniting excitement among enthusiasts and locals alike.

With a bustling turnout of over 50 riders spanning across 10 classes, the event promised two days packed to the brim with action. Blessed with favorable weather, the atmosphere crackled with energy as riders geared up and the crowd eagerly basked in the sunshine, immersing themselves in the thrill of the races. 

The heart-pounding climax of the event was undoubtedly the Pro Ski GP, featuring four of the globe's most promising young riders. Across five intense motos, spectators were treated to a display of skill and determination as these athletes pushed themselves to the limit. The sight and sound of GP skis tearing through the water left an impression, captivating all who watched.

In a fiercely contested battle, local talent Jake Beekman clinched the coveted 2024 Watercross Nationals Title. Close on his heels was another hometown hero, Jayden Richardson, who will now head to Italy to race in the UIM Aquabike. NSW's Jett Cavanagh secured third place, showcasing his impressive prowess, while international contender Harley Ritchie from the UK claimed fourth, setting his sights on global glory from his new base in the US.

The event was not only a thrilling showcase of circuit racing but also a testament to the professionalism and dedication of all involved. From the organizers to the race directors, officials and the racers, each played a pivotal role in ensuring the event's seamless success. As the sun set on the races, it was evident that this was just the beginning. With plans for an even grander spectacle next year, the 2024 Australian Watercross Nationals left an indelible mark, promising an even more electrifying experience in the years to come.





Images courtesy of @scotty.tomlinson

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