2024 SCX Free Ride Australian Titles

2024 SCX Free Ride Australian Titles

2024 SCX Free Ride Australian Titles

The 2024 SCX Free Ride Australian Titles once again descended upon the Sunshine Coast, marking its triumphant sixth year. With each passing edition, the event swells in size and excitement, this time introducing thrilling additions like jet ski racing, skate, BMX, and scooter competitions. The Sunshine Coast Extreme is not just a competition; it's a convergence of local talent and global pros, all united in a relentless pursuit of adrenaline-fueled glory.


Over the span of three electrifying days, the free ride crew engaged in fierce battles, commencing with the qualifying rounds for the head-to-head tournament, where riders vied for the prestigious Australian Title. The first day was a spectacle of jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers and fearless surf riding, giving the judging panel a tricky task to split some rider with thin differentials in scores.



As the head-to-head draw crystallized, competitors elevated their game to unprecedented heights, unleashing a barrage of big tricks and technical wizardry to secure advancement. It was cool to witness some emerging talents leaving impressions on the competition, ensuring that even the most seasoned riders remained on their toes.


After a series of nail-biting semifinals, the stage was set for an epic showdown in the finals: Mick Anthony (VIC), a veteran and former world champion, pitted against the hungry and immensely skilled Jimmi Blackwood (QLD), who had long been poised for a breakthrough victory. Jimmi Blackwood was on a heater and took home the 2024 SCX Australian Title for a well-deserved breakthrough victory.



Amidst the fervor of the finals, a special mention goes out to Shaun Herries (QLD), who clinched victory in the intense 3-4 matchup against the formidable Ryan Solomon (QLD), showcasing resilience and skill in equal measure.


As the sun set on another exhilarating chapter of extreme sports mastery, the 2024 SCX Free Ride Australian Titles reaffirmed its status as a beacon of adrenaline-charged excellence, leaving participants and spectators alike eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this saga of triumph and tenacity.


Images Courtesy of: @zoomedimages

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