Ecoprene. A Sustainable Neoprene Alternative

Ecoprene. A Sustainable Neoprene Alternative

Introducing ECOPRENE.

An insanely lightweight, durable and soft outer shell made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Ecoprene is now part of our sustainably certified life jackets for a lighter, stronger and softer experience on the water. 



It's a triple layered fabric, designed to have the smallest environmental impact as possible. 

OUTER LAYER: recycled polyester jersey.

MIDDLE LAYER: recycled 3D foam.

INNER LAYER: Recycled polyester jersey.  


Recyclable plastic bottles are turned into pellets which are spun into yarn and used to create our recycled ecoprene. 

Check out more of our Sustainability & Product Life Cycle Initiatives below:


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