Introducing Jetpilot's Jet-Lite™ Collection

Introducing Jetpilot's Jet-Lite™ Collection

As a proudly Australian based business, Jetpilot is long-established in the watersports business for producing high quality, water safety gear that is designed to perform as good as it looks. Over the past few years, Jetpilot has brought this long lifecycle, innovative outlook to create a dedicated workwear apparel range.

Jetlite the perfect material for tradies

Our trademarked material, Jet-Lite™, is a proven winner amongst a wide range of tradies across the country, and for more than just a few reasons. Featuring all of the high-quality features you’ve come to expect from premium watersports range, plus a host of unique features that makes Jetpilot’s Jet-Lite™ range a standout.

Jetpilot's Jetlite is perfect for work shorts

The Jetpilot Jet-Lite™ range features something for everyone, including styles that will take you from the job site to the weekend with ease. Think boardshorts or utility shorts and pants, double 3M Scotchlite reflective taped pants, hats and more. Jet-Lite™ styles are tested to be strong and durable, flexible yet retain their shape throughout the day (alleviating that annoying need to continue to adjust the waist throughout the day), are designed for the unique Aussie climate with a fabric that responds to humidity to keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter. We’ve even developed a hybrid material that includes natural fibres for a comfy fabric feel.

perfect for any tradie or DIY guy worried about dirt, concrete, oil or even chlorine stains.

But maybe some of the best features is Jet-Lite™’s proven chemical resistance, perfect for any tradie or DIY guy worried about dirt, concrete, oil or even chlorine stains. Offering superior durability with ultimate comfort and product longevity, it’s no surprise that Jetpilot’s key workwear collection, Jet-Lite™, provides you with the high-quality gear you’ve come to expect from the brand.

Jetpilot's Jet-lite is proudly stocked across the country in premium workwear dealers

Proudly stocked at quality workwear retailers across the country, do yourself a favour and grab a pair or two of Jet-Lite™ product.

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