Jetpilot Jet-Lite™ Fabric Technology Explained

Jetpilot Jet-Lite™ Fabric Technology Explained

It’s common to see brands shout about the latest and greatest tech with some flashy name to suit, but the team here at Jetpilot have come up with a trademarked material that not only looks good, but lives up to the hype.

Jetpilot Jet-Lite Fabric

Known for producing high-quality watersports gear, that’s designed to keep you safe and stylish on the water, Jetpilot’s innovative Jet-Lite™ fabric is second to none. There are definitely some stand-out favourites amongst the range of shorts, pants and hats made from Jet-Lite™ fabric, but really, what makes it different?

range of work shorts, pants and hats made from Jet-Lite™

So, let’s talk about what the fuss is about.

  • The fabric has been laboratory strength tested and came out as 200% stronger than cotton
  • It’s thermo-regulating. This simply means the fabric responds to humidity, which helps to keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
  • It retains its shape, so no more fussing about with the waistband throughout the day to keep your drawers up
  • It’s water and chemical-resistant. Water beads off this fabric with ease. And even if you work in an environment where you’re dealing with oil, dirt, concrete or chlorine, you’ll be happily surprised how well these bad boys stand up to the task. Yes, we said chlorine. As in, straight chlorine.

We could harp on about things like high quality, durability, triple stitch construction, flexibility and more, but that’s all just a given for the Jetpilot Jet-Lite™ workwear range.

Jetpilot Jet-Lite™ workwear range - high-quality, durability, triple stitch construction

Do yourself a favour and grab yourself a pair today. From boardies to utility pants and shorts with all the pockets and reinforcement that you want on the jobsite, or even 3M reflective taped pants, there’s a Jetpilot Jet-Lite™ option to suit you.


View the Jetpilot Jet-Lite™ collection online now.

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