Felix X1 Vest.

Felix X1 Vest.


Being extremely talented in one sport is normally enough, but not for Felix.

Whether it's wakeboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding or surfboarding, Felix is talented like no other. 

Felix's new signature series vest is elite and designed to deliver not only superior protection but also stand out with its aesthetic brilliance and utmost comfort.

Felix Georgii Signature Series: A harmonious collaboration between Felix Georgii and Jetpilot, encapsulating excellence in design and functionality.

Custom Felix Leather Patches: Accentuated with bespoke leather patches, this life jacket radiates a unique elegance, synonymous with Felix Georgii’s signature style.

Australian Standard L50S Approved: Ensure your safety is top priority, offering unrivaled protection as you make waves.

100% 360 Stretch Neoprene: Maximizes flexibility and comfort, facilitating seamless movement and a perfect fit during all aquatic adventures.

Durable PK Lok Zipper: Crafted for endurance, guaranteeing a secure closure and resisting wear and tear over time.

Freelite L50S Approved Bevelled Edge Buoyancy Foam: Experience superior buoyancy and comfort, making floating effortless and your water escapades more enjoyable.

Anatomical Fit: Tailored to hug the contours of your body, ensuring maximum comfort and a snug, reliable fit.

The Jetpilot X1 - Felix Georgii Signature Series Men’s Life Jacket is not merely protective gear; it's a testament to passion, style, and commitment to excellence in water sports. 

Gear up with confidence and style in the Felix X1 vest from Jetpilot. 


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