The Champions Choice.

The Champions Choice.

Cory Teunissen is now a 3 time world champion. This is his new 2023 Jetpilot Signature Series vest. 

Becoming number 1 in the world is no easy task, and if you follow Cory on social media you understand that. When you see the hard work he puts in off the water, there is no doubt why he succeeds on the water. 

This isn't your average vest, it's the Quantum X Signature Vest and it is championship-winning gear that Cory relied on during his epic season. Here's why you should too:

Unmatched Performance.
Cory doesn't settle for 2nd best and neither should you. His Pro Model vest boasts cutting-edge technology that enhances your performance on the water. It's precision-engineered design provides ultimate freedom of movement, allowing you to execute tricks and maneuvers with ease and agility of a true champion.  

Comfort is King.   
It conforms to your body like a 2nd skin and locks in place with the internal body lock panels. When competing at the highest level every ounce of comfort and confidence counts and this vest delivers. 

Championship seasons are grueling and your gear needs to keep up. The Quantum vest is constructed from top-tier materials that are as tough as a Pro Tour season. Built to withstand the rigors of intense riding and training, ensuring that it's as reliable on the hundredth session as it is the on the first.

Maximum Safety.
Cory trusts the Quantum X to keep him safe when pushing the boundaries of wakeboarding. It's buoyancy properties are second to none, providing peace of mind while you focus on your next mind-blowing trick. Whether you're conquering the Pro Tour or pushing the limits of your own ability, this vest is your ultimate safeguard.

Champion Approved Style.
Cory's championship season wasn't just about winning, it was about making a statement. The Quantum X offers a sleek, eye-catching design that sets you apart from the crowd. Just like Cory you can make your mark on the water in this vest. 

Don't just ride - dominate! The Quantum X vest is the gear that has helped Cory Teunissen achieve greatness and it can help you reach your own goals. Check out his Pro Model Quantum X Life Jacket.

Ride like a Pro. Ride with Jetpilot. 

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